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Welcome to the Transformative Journey to


 Uncover the Wisdom and Healing Power within you!

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) 

gently takes you to the deepest level of trance so you can connect with your Higher Self, the all-knowing, divine part of you,

for guidance and healing.


People come for a QHHT session for many reasons.


Some come to resolve relationship issues with parents/partner/family, even with themselves. Some come seeking for healing in dis-ease, pain, discomfort; or to overcome fear, anxiety, phobia, insomnia that's been bothering them for years. Some are keen to find their life purpose and direction, to get a deeper appreciation of who they are and why their life has been the way it is. 


Importantly, all would like to know how to move forward in the best possible way so they can start living a life they'd love. 


QHHT was developed and refined by Dolores Cannon over 45+ years of groundbreaking work. In working with thousands of cases across the world, Dolores had confirmed that we all have the ability to heal ourselves, physically and emotionally, when we connect with the Higher Self or the Subconscious as Dolores would call it.


Are you ready to uncover that healing power that lied within?




Your QHHT Session and How to Prepare


Bring a list of questions you want answered by your Higher Self and allow yourself the precious opportunity to put all your attention on the one who matters most in your life - YOU. 


The questions can be anything about you - your health, your relationships, your work, your life purpose.


The session can take up to 4 to 6 hours, sometimes more. We'll start by getting to know your story, your life and going through your list of questions. I then explain this bigger part of you that is called the Higher Self, the Over-Soul or Super Conscious. You'll learn about how easy it is to be guided into this deep state of relaxation and allow yourself to have the experience.


When you're in this deep state of hypnosis, you will be guided through 1 to 3 past lives or other experiences your soul has had, that would be related to your current life issues, allowing deep understanding so that you can move on in a better way. 


Once this part is done, Gladys will gently access your Higher Self to address any requests for healing or information, before she brings you out to talk through your experiences.


The hypnosis part is around 2 hours long and is audio-recorded for you. Listening to the recording is crucial for your healing.




What QHHT might help:


It's not uncommon for participants to experience the followings during and subsequent to a QHHT session:


  • Clear emotional stress and trauma 

  • Ease feelings of anxiety 

  • Obtain a deeper understanding of and/or relief from physical pain, discomfort, dis-ease

  • Heal troubled relationships.

  • Understand and change behaviours and patterns.

  • Mentally, emotionally and spiritually unify past life experiences with your soul's life lessons.

  • Receive spiritual guidance and direction from the Higher Self

  • Reveal past life souls you know from this life and get reconciliation


QHHT Testimonials


"Gladys conducted the QHHT for me after I had a major surgery and when I had the same bad dreams periodically. She performed her skill and professional guidance, leading me to talk to my Higher Self to reveal what could be the root cause; helping me to find the answer and solution by myself to solve that “inner problem” which stuck in my unconscious mind. I always believe in Will Power. She coached me to practise utilizing it, guided me to talk to my body. My speedy recovery reconfirmed my belief.  And it couldn’t happen if it’s not because of Gladys. My sincere thanks to Gladys for the QHHT session and also all her continuous encouragement and support thereafter."

(Christina, Hong Kong)





的肌肉痠痛,最近發現頸部後面出現了一個奇怪的肉瘤。在一個好朋友介紹下,認識了這個心靈之旅的導遊師,Gladys, 在這短短數小時,佢帶領穿梭了前身三世,尋找自己生命的根源,人際關係上面嘅玄妙。在今世一路有很多不明的恐懼與焦慮,無名的念頭。在催眠底下,令我找到事情嘅根本,故事的根源。最奇妙的是在治療過後頸上面嘅腫瘤突然小了,三四個幾月後,不用手術及藥物,已經完全消失了。這種短短時間的心靈之旅,確實是人生最難忘,最有得著,最值得去的旅程。”

 (Humphrey. Hong Kong)


My experience with Gladys was amazing. It started with a lot of mixed feelings. I was curious to find out what was going to happen but at the same time, I was scared that it might uncover some deeply hidden issues of mine that I didn’t really want to face. After all, my previous experiences of hypnosis weren’t that pleasant. 
However, Gladys was very patient and attentive with me. She spent a good amount of time talking to me to help me and her understand what issues that I needed/ wanted to be tackled. It turns out that this preparation work was essential in order to get deep into the root of my issues. 
My journey of hypnosis wasn’t easy probably because of my resistance to face the truth. But with Gladys’s skilful guidance, I managed to go past the bottleneck where I was always stuck at my previous hypnoses. And what a relief that was!
I sincerely thank Gladys for her guidance, which helped bring to me true enlightenment that no other therapists had ever managed to do so. 
Thank you, Gladys!

(Bonnie, Hong Kong)



The healing power within us has no limits, and it brings me such joy to witness what can be accomplished when people are open to reach out and receive.

In my client's QHHT sessions, I have witnessed profound physical and emotional healing in one session. Clients often leave the session with a great sense of clarity. My deepest gratitude to them for having faith in their own healing and working with me.




If you'd like to ask questions, schedule a free consultation call, check appointment availability and session cost, please feel free to email Gladys at
or send message/WhatsApp to +852 91003407. 
CLICK HERE to send me a message. I'd usually respond in the next 24 hours.  
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