Your QHHT® Session

Allow yourself the precious opportunity

to put all your focus to care for the one who

matters most in your life - YOU



Your QHHT® Session is a precious opportunity and we're not going to rush it. The session can take up to 4 to 6 hours. When's the last time you spent such quality time to care for nothing else but yourself? 

Have a read of the following to prepare for your session. 




Once you've decided to have a QHHT® session, set the intention to have a wonderful experience. Compile a list of questions you would like your Higher Self to answer. They can be anything about you - everything you're curious about yourself, everything you struggle with, anything you need clarity or guidance on - love, relationships, health, purpose, career. List them down in priority or print them out on a piece of paper and bring them to your session.


Some possible questions are:

  • I struggle with the relationship with my mother/partner? Why is that happening? What can I do to improve this?

  • I have this unhelpful pattern in my love relationship/life in general. Why is it so? Can it be resolved?

  • I hate my job but am worried about my future if I quit. Should I quit? What work am I meant to be doing? What direction should I go?

  • I'm constantly anxious, exhausted, tired. Why? Can it be changed?

  • I suffer from (this health condition). Why is this happening? Can it be healed?

  • My child is diagnosed with (this health condition). How can we help her/him? Can it be cured?

  • What is my purpose in life? What am I meant to be doing in this lifetime? What lessons am I meant to learn in this lifetime?

  • I've lost my motivation to do things. Why is that? 

  • Can I meet my spirit guides?




- Bring your list of questions, written down or printed out on paper.

- Have a slow, calm and relaxing morning in your own way.

- Eat well and light before you come for the session.

- Refrain from any alcohol and drugs in the morning.

- Minimize your coffee intake but if you're a coffee drinker, have your cup of morning coffee.

- Wear comfy clothes and do not wear any perfume, you'd be lying down for your session. 

- Bring your list of questions, written down or typed up.

- Clear your schedule for the day - you'll benefit from slowly easing back to life by having a quiet evening


There's no need to feel nervous about your session. Together we're holding a safe, sacred space for your session. Your Higher Self would only take you to the most appropriate time and place that offer you understanding and insights into your questions and issues, that will help you move forward. Allow yourself to believe in what you're experiencing. Have the intent to receive the answers and the help that you need and want. 



Your session will be audio-recorded and listening to this recording for days, weeks or even months after the session is crucial for your healing. Each time you listen, it will trigger something new in you as you raise your consciousness.


I'm always happy to hear from clients. So please feel free to get in touch and share with me the changes you experience after the session.